>How to insert YouTube movies into PowerPoint slides?


You can insert the You Tube movies into your PowerPoint slides to express your idea or better way to communicate something. You can convey these ideas in more effective ways, if you are using movie files with your simple slides.
Follow the given steps to add You Tube movies into PowerPoint slides:
First of all download the You Tube.com movies and then save on your computer hard drive. Mostly movies are available in flash video file format on You Tube site. You can convert also the downloaded movies from You Tube into any common format, for example, windows media video file (wmv), windows video file (avi) and movie file (mpeg).

First of all open the presentation in which you want to insert movie file.

Now click on “Movies and Sounds” option from the Insert” menu and choose the option “Movie from File“.

Now select your movie that you want to insert into slide and click on OK button.
Here now you are asked “Do you want your movie to play automatically in the slide show? If not, it will play when you click it.

Recommend choosing Ok button to play automatically even if you want the movie to play when clicked.

Finally save your PowerPoint presentation and run it for test.


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